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Feasibility studies

Planning ahead enables the best results from a development

Feasibility studies

A feasibility plan starts with two questions about the development: 'What type of building will work best?' and 'Can the development make a profit?'

A feasibility study typically addresses the site context and surrounding built character: layout form and height, vehicle and pedestrian access, urban design and so on. The physical form will be influenced by Local Authority and national development guidelines. It will also take into account specific problems such as flooding, nearby uses and trees. The study will provide relevant data such as floor area to enable the developer to make financial decisions.  


A masterplan is the firming up of a feasibility study, and as the name suggests, refers to an overall plan for a large area. Masterplans consider strategic placement of elements: scale and relative size to the surrounds, location and proximity, and the internal and external functional relationship of the buildings, spaces and landscape.

Tyler Parkes has both planning and architectural teams which work together to get the best out of a site. We have the expertise to draw up sketch schemes, as well as detailed ones when you want to progress on a project.  Knowing what we do about the planning system and the best way to succeed, we offer must-have service for feasibility schemes and masterplans.

We offer a free 30-minute initial consultation. Why not give us a call? +44 (0) 121 744 5511

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